Anarchy in the hairways.

Anarchy in the hairways…..

Ordinarily, our monthly column concentrates on the classic styles that are popular requests at Savills: Pomps, slick backs, zero fades etc.  All very smart, stylish and sharp. However, let it be known that or award winning barbers at Savills embrace all styles and subcultures thereof. After all, a classic is defined as something that can be defined as being ‘judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and is outstanding of it’s kind’. This doesn’t exclude the more edgy, less mainstream styles.

Savills is well known for its classic but distinctive style. And this is exemplified by or partnership with Dr. Martens footwear (you may notice that our barbers all wear Dr. Martens.  Stylish and just the thing when you are on your feet all day!). This firmly ensures our attendance at many of the popular festivals and music events within the punk genre and social calendar, such as Punk Rebellion and others every year. We love cutting and styling the hardcore punk styles. The renowned Mohawk is the most popular, with the many variants of this style such as the Fanned Mohawk or the Liberty Spike (denoting freedom). The Mohawk of course originated from the Mohawk nation, indigenous people of North America, who grew their hair long  and up to the sky to reach their creator, but when they went off to war they shaved it off apart from a thin narrow strip. Several jazz musicians in the ‘50s sported mohawks long before the style caught on with punks in the late ‘70s and ‘80s.  Sonny Rollins famously had one in the ‘50s. His reason for rocking one was very punk: ‘It was a statement-outside of the box behaviour.’

The limited array of styling products available in the ’70s meant that many punks used egg whites or the clear type of school glue to enable them to defy gravity with the spikes and mohawks. Some still do. However, our best selling Copacetic Clay, formulated  by Savill’s own barbers, manages to bring about extreme hold and bring bulk and texture to those who are after achieving these awesome styles. Less mess and less stress.

Punk style offers variety to just about everyone from those wanting a radical style statement to those who just want to experiment with diluted elements of punk style.  Now you know its easy to break them mold, feel free to call into Savills, hang out and chat with our barbers to find out how. God shave the Queen!

‘It was far better to be a flamboyant failure than any kind of benign success.’

Malcolm Mclaren