Deluxe Barber Apron


Designed and developed by our barbers over years of use, the aprons feature:-

  • Lightweight waxed cotton material  in olive or sepia (easily wiped to clean) with real leather straps and tool holders.
  • Matching lightweight lining to prevent the penetration of hair.
  • Pocket with upside down flap to easily remove any hair trapped in the pocket.
  • High quality tan leather waist and neck straps. Fully adjustable and removable. Soft but robust leather which is comfortable on your neck.
  • Leather tool holders that have been designed by us to fit the correct sizes of combs, scissors etc.

Please note that a natural feature of waxed cotton is that it gains markings with age and use. At Savills we prefer this patina on our aprons, however if you like the smooth fresh look to your apron they can easily be re-waxed as necessary by purchasing tins of wax specifically for this purpose.

Our aprons are hand made from cotton and leather that is dyed to order (not mass produced). As a result of this and the lighting in our photography studio,  there may be a very slight variation in colours from the images and in different production batches.  The vegetable dye has a distinctive smell that can appear to be quite strong when the aprons are removed from the plastic packaging.  However, please note that this dissipates once the apron is out of it’s bag.  One thing that won’t change is that they’ll always look great!

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